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Initiation to Salsa

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Experts agree that dancing salsa can burn up to 10 calories per minute. Salsa is one of the best ways to have fun while getting in shape.


Whether you've been dancing all your life or are new to the sport, it's a great way to bring fitness into your life without expecting you to actually work out.




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Our salsa program includes the following levels


No prerequisites necessary, whether you've already danced or not.


Have a good beginner's level aptitude.


Have attended our beginner and/or pre-intermediate courses.


to have taken our intermediate courses.


have taken our intermediate course + advice from your instructor.

Very advanced

advanced + intructor notice


very advanced + test


licence + test


expert + course instructor advice.

Some questions and answers
I've never danced before, can I take this class?

Of course . This program is tailor-made for people with no experience. Our highly qualified and trained instructors will guide you along the way to ensure that you enjoy the experience and learn well.

Am I a beginner or more?

You're a beginner if you have got never before taken salsa classes or attempted a handful of salsa classes. No other move encounter will qualify you for salsa, but you'll discover a few viewpoints of the lesson easier. A salsa beginner's normal concept is an excellent way of protecting the arrangement of the footwork. Many that are more than apprentices as a rule have more than two months of preparing (i.e. more than eight lessons). So we're sending you a direct here. We know everybody learns in an unexpected way.


Salsa" is both a dance and a kind of music from Latin America. The current dance has existed for more than 50 years, but the origin of its constituent elements, or one could say the ingredients necessary for "Salsa", has been present for almost 500 years.


It can be said that the term "Salsa" today incorporates elements of all these Caribbean rhythms and musical styles. The music of salsa was composed in order to be able to dance to it. Salsa is considered to be the fastest growing dance form in the world. The dance is fun, vibrant, dynamic, energetic, uplifting, passionate ...


This form of dance can be learned by all age groups, as we offer different classes to learn both in group and private 1On1 classes and in private groups.


The bachata could be afashion of movestartingwithin the Dominican Republic. It is broadlymoved all over the world, but not within the same way. The nuts and bolts of the move are three steps with a Cuban hip development, taken after by a tap move which can incorporate a hip movement moreover on the 4th beat. In common, most of the dancer's developments are worn out the lower body up to the hips, and the upper body can be more or less moved. Later on, a more laterfashion, called "cutting edgefashion" or "sexyfashion", was created, likely from around 2005 onwards, based on the "conventional" fashion. The bases are the same as those of the conventional "Bachata" fashion, but with extracomponents of move and fashion, etc. This moveshape can be learned by all age bunches, from grown-ups to children, as we offer distinctive courses to memorize both in bunches and secretly.


The practice of dance aims to trigger precise movements and develop an awareness of every muscle in your body while always bringing you back to the centre. By making gentle but repeated efforts, dance will help you release stress and express your body's feelings in a flash.


It's the most complete workout there is, with the added benefit of being fun, graceful and stimulating both physically and mentally. At the same time, you will increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and acquire a natural balance that will support you in the stress of everyday life. In addition to training, you will also learn these beautiful dance forms that you can perform on a dance floor.

What style of Salsa do you teach?

In our salsa classes we educate the overwhelmingfashion in common, the "LA Fashion or On1 Fashion of Salsa". You may learn the nuts and bolts and history of salsa moving as well as how to move forward your procedure, timing and fashion. As you progress in your move, you mayfind that we instruct you how to consolidatecomponents of a few salsa styles (On-1 L.A. Fashion, Cuban Fashion, On-2 N.Y. Fashion) and other dance styles such as sounds. In a couple of months, you maycreate a move something that will permit you to extemporizeeffortlessly in clubs. You maymoreover learn the timing, cadence and composition of salsa music. We cater for all levels, from outrightapprentices to progressedartists.


A part of individuals tell us they have two cleared out feet. Most of them are presentlyfulfilledartists and we like to remind them of what they said when they to begin withbegunmoving. We are pleased of our capacity to educate these moves.


As with most dances, attention must be paid to comfort and freedom of movement. So come and wear CLOTHING in which you feel comfortable. The sky is the limit for women's choices!

When it comes to SHOES, wear everything that is comfortable for you and that allows you to move and turn. Dance shoes are therefore highly recommended, but are not mandatory if you don't have one. You can always decide to buy them after a few months of learning, but again, it's entirely up to you.

Are my basketball trainers good enough to dance?

Als absolute beginner worden sportschoenen niet aanbevolen, tenzij ze erg oud zijn en al het grootste deel van hun grip hebben verloren.



Yes, we do! We offer diversechoices for companies.

*Dance activity for company group building (incentive).

*Corporate move courses.

*Corporate even'ts move course.


Of course able to! We will liven up your uncommonoccasion with a fun package specially designed for you. We are ablegive you with move classes, DJs and entertainers. In truth, we are ablewatch out of all the generation and administration of your occasion.


Fortifies your continuance and resistance. Help you lose weight. Therapeuticinvestigate has demonstratedthat you just lose 450/500 calories by moving salsa and cha cha cha for at slightest one hour. Diminishes and decreases your push. Dischargestoxins through sweat. Increments your vitality level. *Increments your strength. *Increments your muscle tone and coordination.

Do I need a partner to dance with?

If you are just taking classes: No. In fact, it is very useful to learn how to dance with different partners: this applies to both the leader and the follower.

I come with a partner. Can we dance together during Salsa?

Yes, whether you dance together during the Salsa class or exchange partners (or a combination of both) is entirely up to you. Please let your teacher know that you wish to stay together. But you cannot stay together during a class and change partners during another class, you will have to choose.

I'm anxious to learn a new skill.

It's only natural. Even the best dancers started out like you do now. We teach in a very informal way and there is no pressure to make things go well. We'd rather you just have fun...


Yes, our teachers wish to avoid handling money during the lessons and all those present must in principle have a ticket.

What is the age range involved?

Classes are for adults only and ages range from 20 to 60 years old.

How do I subscribe to your mailing list?

Simply subscribe to the free newsletter on our website or send us a message to

How many lessons do I have to take before I can dance?

If you are a beginner, we advise you to start training for at least 12 hours.

No regular time? Learn salsa in 1 day!

Periodic workshops are also organized.

Team Building

Team buildings are available for enterprises.

Private lessons

We also offer private lessons.

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Salsa Lessons Brussels.

Discovering dance is a great and enjoyable activity that can be spoiled at some point by the confusing and fragmented nature of the Latin dance mentoring service.

Many people made mistakes at the beginning, but fortunately, some of them continued and we can now share their experience with you.  Here are a few necessary tips to start a salsa class in Brussels :

Salsa dancing keeps you active and healthy. In one night you can burn 2000 calories ďen 7 hours, it works for the brain and develops your balance.

We offer one of the best salsa classes in Brussels and our teachers are outstanding dancers. Anyone can start with us and become a salsa dancer.

We all have different learning styles and salsa dancing is more technical (more than Ceroc for example).  If you are a beginner, and preferably in a progressive class structure, you will need an excellent instructor.

Many instructors will give you a fantastic new routine each week that has nothing to do with the previous week's routine, and therefore does not develop or improve basic skills.

Find a social dance class afterwards.  When you start, it's essential to improve each new salsa class on the dance floor, rather than in the classroom - the context is so varied.

You'll have your co-students to experiment.

Listen to salsa music!

I find it really helpful to get the music into your body.  In music, you don't dance to every tune - you discover that some songs make you want to dance more than others.  It's the same thing in Salsa.

Remember that salsa is a general description of various Latin rhythms.  Knowing the tunes also allows you to express yourself with "brilliances".

Have a good time - after all, it's all about having more fun.  Just keep practicing and participating at the level you're at if you find that you're frustrated by your lack of development.

In particular, salsa classes in Brussels for beginners should be a lot of fun, like when the directions are given, because dancing is fun.  Also, when beginners' salsa classes for beginners are focused on fun, as is the case in salsa classes, students can get the basics at a much faster price than in the case of a salsa class that introduces a gloomy environment.

You will soon find a "click" for you.  Here you will find our necessary basic tips for beginners in salsa.  If you want to know more about our Salsa courses in Brussels, register for our courses .  This is an important moment in your learning process and making the right choices at this stage will make the whole process much easier.

The best salsa courses in Belgium

Salsa is not just a dance, it's a way of life. It improves social skills and strengthens friendships and lifelong relationships. The salsa dance form is essentially a way of living a healthy, enjoyable, energetic and enthusiastic life. Salsa dance opens up a whole world of love in the style of Latin American dance.

The DYNAMODANCE dance company teaches salsa with total devotion and sincerity to make this art of spreading love through dance flourish. As a true promoter of true and authentic dance, we are available at all times. In the morning, afternoon, evening, on holidays and during all kinds of vacations. Our dance classes have taken place in the following cities

o Brussels

o Etterbeek

o Woluwe

o Jette

o Uccle

o Ixelles

o Nivelles

o Gembloux

o Namur

o Charleroi

o Liege

o Mons

Before we get into the salsa class speciality. It is absolutely necessary for beginners to know more about salsa. Salsa is an artistic way of expressing thoughts and emotions in a balanced way. It teaches us discipline in life and this is our motto. Every step of salsa is considered as a principle of life. Like the timing, the turns, the attitude, the body balance and above all the confidence in one's partner.

In our classes, our goal is to teach all forms of salsa in order to master the dance lover in this energetic and enjoyable dance. There are many different styles of salsa, such as the Afro-Latino style, the Cali style, also known as the Colombian style, the Casino or Cuban style, the Miami style, the New York style and finally the Los Angeles style.

Salsa is synonymous with harmony, balance, change and involvement both emotionally and physically. We cannot specify a hard and fast rule of dance. Dance is about mingling and presenting oneself, one's thoughts and emotions to the audience. The salsa dancer incorporates different techniques of dance style such as leg work, body movements, arm work, shimmies, pirouettes, rolls, isolation of the body, shoulder shimmies, etc.

Geographic areas also affect style development. It has a great influence on the dance as well as on the music. The characteristics that make the different styles of salsa unique are described below

o Foot patterns

o Calendar

o Basic Steps

o Turns and numbers

o Body movement

o The way partners hold each other

o Influences of dance

In our salsa classes, we focus specifically on the basic techniques and once the learner has mastered the basics of salsa, we have them learn different kinds of salsa. Salsa is not just about dancing with your partner. Salsa is not just about dancing with your partner. It is about getting involved and bringing the dance to life. And we can bring the dance to life by completely embracing this form.

Harmony is the key to salsa. Our classes are suitable for everyone, whether the person works day or night. If you work at night, you can take morning or afternoon classes. And if you work a day shift, you can attend the evening classes.

We are available seven days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is for the convenience of dance seekers who enjoy learning, promoting and serving dance, especially salsa.  DYNAMODANCE COMPANY aims at mastering salsa and serving dance lovers by perfecting their skills.

There is no doubt that salsa is a dance of skills and techniques, but it also requires involvement and it is our first priority to give our learners a thorough insight into this wonderful art. Once you enter the DYNAMODANCE COMPANY, you are sure to have the best experience of your life and the best in Belgium.


our creative team

Our team will be delighted to accompany you throughout your journey.

With method and devotion.

Franky D.

Teresa Tom

Ashton Binham

Maria W.


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